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Repair, Replace, Restore, Recover Meme.j

Advanced therapy utilizing human cell tissue transplant. 

For hundreds of years healthcare has focused on disease and the symptoms associated with various conditions. Managing symptoms with drugs and surgery is the standard of care. Seldom do drugs cure the condition itself. That is especially seen in pain related conditions like Arthritis. What is certain is the “Power that created the body heals the body”. At Hope Biologix™ we believe in looking to the innate intelligence within each cell as the key solution for illnesses and pain. Scientists are realizing that the power that created the body has always been within each of us.


Much like harnessing electricity, man is just now discovering the miraculous benefits of cell therapy. HopeBiologix™ uses that innate intelligence found within man to address many of the conditions that plague man. We are confident that cell therapy will positively alter the future of medicine. Hope Biologix™ uses only natural human cell and tissue transplant material, delivered to the client to supplement and support biologic deficiencies. Hope Biologix™ does not use harmful drugs or pharmaceuticals. Advanced understanding in regenerative cell transplant therapy has demonstrated our body's ability to stimulates its own growth factors to replace, repair, restore and heal itself.

HopeBiologix™ is an integrative company operating in Guadalajara, Mexico. Our lab has 16 years of experience, and partners with world renowned pioneers in the development of Regenerative Treatments utilizing Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Currently more than 1,000 doctors and health specialists collaborate to further develop and investigate this expanding medical field.

  • In 2017, our lab received international recognition on behalf of the UNCEMA, Mexican University and APEN-B Barcelona, Spain for being the first Certified in the use of Human Stem Cells to Mexican Doctors.

  • We are proud that our lab belongs to the prestigious Human Stem Cell Society of Latin America, SOLCEMA, and collaborated in the development of The International Symposium of Human Stem Cells. 

  • HopeBiologix™ affiliated lab is recognized for and has achieved standing as the laboratory with the highest production of Human Mesenchymal Stem cells in Latin America.

Our highly specialized lab has achieved the highest quality production, as confirmed by third party laboratories that count on the COFEPRIS authorization (the U.S. equivalent to the FDA), and awarded the only 3 permits that currently exist in the development of Regenerative Medicine, based on obtaining, expansion and application of (Human) Mesenchymal Stem cells.


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