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Become an Advocate for Stem Cell Therapy

It is unfortunate, at this time in history, when human understanding of the miracle of human physiology is so great, the debate is over who controls the distribution of services, the disclosure of service cost and the tremendous profits. Healthcare and Insurance are not compatible terms. Insurance has never been about health. Collecting premiums and paying claims is incentivized by PROFITS, and it has nothing to do with helping individuals like you in need of health solutions. Big Pharma has produced thousands of life-saving drugs that have changed the outcomes for people's lives for decades. But times are changing. Mankind cannot continue a dependency on medication for survival. Chronic degenerative health conditions are not caused by a drug deficiency. Like the insurance industry, patented drug companies, profit from fear of illness and a belief that the “cure” can be found in a pill. 


All life is in constant search for improvement. Man is no exception.

Imagine the miracle of the fertilized egg. At the very moment the sperm and egg unite the miracle begins, without the help of any mortal. Over the next nine months the multiplication by division creates life form. All of the tools and resources needed to develop into a human, come into being through an innate guiding intelligence. It has happened this way since the dawn of time. At birth, the brick, steel and mortar needed to construct this human life form are in great supply. Trillions of these building blocks are accessed and used to create and eventually develop into a teenager. Scientist tell us we use upwards of 80% of the original supply of stem cells by the time we are 20 years old. From that time forward we deplete the remaining supply of stem cells at varying speeds dependent upon lifestyle, trauma/repair and other factors.


Aging can therefore be viewed as an inability to repair, replace and restore dying and damaged cells, as we did in our younger years, due to a decline in quantity and quality of available cells. Researchers have identified the various stem cell types and their individual roles in cellular renewal and repair. Scientist have known about the importance and significance of stem cells for decades. More recently researchers have discovered the means and methods allowing them to harvest, expand/grow and preserve tissue for future transplantation. Transplanted cells are biologic tissue and not a drug. As such, human cell tissue from allogeneic sources like the umbilical cord (Wharton’s jelly from live births), can be safely harvested, tested and ultimately transplanted to supplement an individual’s deficiency. Transplanted cells are typically delivered IV, travelling to the point of need as signaled by the bodies paracrine system.


The desire to slow, stop or reverse the aging process is not new. Man has always searched for an understanding of what causes the human decline we call “Age”. The Frailty complex of the aged may be best understood as a problem of supply. As age, we use up the available repair resources. The brick steel and mortar become more like silly putty and styro-foam and the quantity likewise declines. Too many fires and not enough firemen. Our immune system falters, bones and joints deteriorate and vascular insufficiency reduces the body’s ability to transport nutrition and much needed oxygen. Tissues unable to repair itself become chronically inflamed. Inflammation can be fueled by lifestyle, diet and disease. The stem cells needed to repair and restore function are no longer available. Death, by running out of stem cells, can be viewed as a “Natural Cause”.


Do you share our vision? You can become a Stem Cell Advocate and help spread the word. 

Our vision is an improved quality of life and a healthier life experience through Stem cell therapy. We envision a growing demand of people worldwide seeking biologic non-drug solutions to serious debilitating health issue of young and old alike. Stem Cell Advocates are like-minded people and seekers of understanding of the world around us and the intelligence within. We therefore seek and believe in the healing power that creates and protects all living lifeforms. Our vision is to bring awareness about Stem Cell therapy to all persons seeking to learn how safely and effectively cell transplants can be utilized to improve and expand the quality and quantity of life.


Key terminology. 

If you have personal experience with the benefits of stem cell transplant therapy, there are key terminology and talking points, which you should want to learn:

  • Age affects quality and quantity. While all stem cell procedures are potentially beneficial, as with everything there is the good, better and best.

  • Stem cell deficiency as a precursor for disease or aging. Think in terms of running out of gas. A gallon is good. A full tank is better.

  • Safety in medicine is paramount. However, the risk and safety issues with Stem cell transplants is about equal to any injection. Site infection is extremely rare and minimum cause for concern.

  • Rejection. Because the tissue is immune-privileged, rejection is not an issue.

  • Unlike synthetic or processed drugs , stem cells are natural and not a drug. Therefore “side effects” are generally the desired effects. You cannot live without Stem cells. Supplementation can be accurately compared in safety to vitamin or hormone supplementation.

  • Supplementation of stem cells by transplant injection (IV,IM or IN) provides immune-modulation, angiogenesis and bone/ cartilage, a renewed supply.  Quantity and quality necessary to make significant change can only be provided by tissue expansion methodology found outside the U.S.   Unfortunately, the current laws in the US regarding the expansion of cells state that expansion, which is controlled by the FDA , claims that the manipulation of cells makes it become classified as a drug.

  • As a result, the only places where large volumes of cells can be harvested and expanded are in countries outside of the USA.

  • Guadalajara is a medical mecca in Mexico which serves the population of 130 million citizens. More and more US citizens are looking outside the country for affordable, safe and effective solutions.

  • Learn more about how you can receive current and future scientific updates and support the advancement of stem cell therapy. Enroll as a member only ….or donate to a fund that provides free care to those in need of assistance.   

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