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We started with

a mission

First, do no harm. 

Cell transplant therapy has the unparalleled ability to safely improve the quality of life for those suffering from a range of degenerative, autoimmune and vascular conditions

Hope Biologix is committed to the future of regenerative medicine, advocating natural therapy using adult stem cells.  Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for thousands of people, like you, by making this therapy affordable and accessible to all. 

Hope Biologix is committed to meeting the needs of clients across the United States, by working with experienced, established, and certified physicians and hospitals in beautiful Guadalajara, Mexico. Hope Biologix will continue to educate and inform seekers of natural wellness and cell therapy until stem cell therapy is legalized in the United States. 

Nurse Taking Notes

donor selection

Donor candidates undergo comprehensive testing to guarantee tissue quality


cell quality control

Distinct specialized tests are executed by authorized 3rd party laboratories, assuring the sample's quality:

  1. Quantitative Serological Tests

  2. Flow Cytometry

  3. Mycoplasma

  4. Endotoxins

  5. Cell Viability


Cell Viability

While the cells are maintained for cultivation and expansion, they are monitored to quarantee cellular safety, integrity, and viability. 



Each dose is accompanied with the Quality Certificate according to the COFEPRIS standards (FDA equivalent in Mexico)

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