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Common Factors Among People who Live the Longest, Healthiest Lives

Those who live the longest tend to be extroverted, happy, optimistic, conscientious and socially connected. But most prevalently, those who live the longest and healthiest lives possess greater quantities of stem cells

Although some believe genetics and lifestyle are the secret sauce to longevity, there are many factor that can not be overlooked. The most conclusive data demonstrates the people most likely to live healthier longer are men and women who remain physically active, do not smoke or drink alcohol, have family connections, religious and spiritual beliefs and live outside of big cities.

Conversely unhappy, pessimistic worriers, and socially disconnected introverts, may suffer from several psychological issues causing early stress related death. Obesity is notably related to a higher rate of heart disease and cancer.

“OK, I’m over 50 with multiple health issues. Is it too late?

Over our lifetimes, the quantity and quality of the stem cells we had at birth decline. Every seven years, every cell in our body is renewed or replaced. Unfortunately, the new version of our old self is seldom as we would like it to be.

People do not fall ill due to a drug deficiency, and seldom is the solution surgery. Time is one of the key elements in the healing process. But just because you don’t need surgery or drugs does not mean you don’t need care. Disease and dysfunction occur for many reasons, including but not limited to, deficiency and toxicity. Deficiency implies we need something we don’t have, and toxicity implies we have something we don’t need. Supplementing nutritional deficiencies using vitamins, hormone deficiencies using bio-identical hormones and stem cell deficiencies makes sense.

But sadly, in the USA, stem cells are not available in large enough volumes to reverse most conditions.

Harvesting ethical and vibrant Day-1 mesenchymal stem cells, to supplement our declining supply, is expensive. The most practical means to create an affordable therapeutic volume is to grow and expand them. HopeBiologix™ in beautiful Guadalajara, MX has the solution.

Stem cell volume is paramount to patients’ overall improvement, and much like filling your car with gas or only adding a gallon, you won’t go far on only one gallon! Hence the need to grow stem cells to a therapeutic volume while making it affordable for most.

Your Health is Clearly your Greatest Asset.

Without good health, nothing else matters. If you have exhausted or given up on conventional drug therapy and looking for an all natural solution to repair, replace or restore declining health issues, discuss stem cell therapy with your doctor OR

complete our website contact form to schedule a consultation.

Find out if HopeBiologix™ can benefit you.

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